What clubs and associations are there for foreign students in Switzerland?

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Join a student club and thrive in Switzerland

If you’re a foreign student in Switzerland, joining a club or association is an excellent way of integrating into the local student community. Sports clubs are particularly popular, with options for football, basketball, volleyball and more. Cultural clubs are also very popular, with options for music, film, art and literature. If you’re interested in humanitarian action, you could join an association that deals with refugees, environmental protection or health. Special interest clubs, such as photography or board games clubs, are also very popular and are an excellent way of meeting people with similar interests.

Student associations

Universities and colleges in Switzerland often have their own student associations, which regularly organise social and cultural events, conferences and trips for students. This is also an excellent opportunity to get involved in student life and learn more about other cultures and ways of life. Students can obtain information on the clubs and associations available from their educational establishment.

A world of opportunities

Finally, joining a club or association can also have professional benefits by helping you to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills. It can also help you expand your professional network by meeting like-minded people and professionals in your field of study. All in all, joining a club or association is an excellent way of getting involved in the student community in Switzerland while developing useful personal and professional skills.