How can I adapt to Swiss life and culture?

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Guide to adapting to student life in Switzerland

Are you getting ready to take the plunge and move to Switzerland to continue your studies? Congratulations!

Switzerland is a multilingual and multicultural country. So you can feel at home wherever you come from.

Discover Swiss customs

t’s important to get to know Swiss culture and customs so that you can integrate easily. For example, the Swiss are known for their punctuality, politeness and respect for privacy. Politeness and good manners are very important in Swiss culture, so it’s important to adapt to them.

Switzerland is also a very clean and organised country. Rules and laws are widely respected, so it’s important to follow them. Public transport is reliable and punctual, so it’s easy to get around town or across the country.

Swiss cuisine is also very interesting and tasty. Fondue, raclette, chocolates and cheeses are all Swiss favourites.

Successful integration

All in all, to help you adapt to Swiss life and culture, universities offer many activities and clubs for students, so it’s a great opportunity to meet new people. Switzerland is a fascinating and exciting country, and we’re sure you’ll love your time here.

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